A Rewarding Career

Welcome to Trooper Stories. We’re glad you’re here. If you're like most of the people who join us, you may not have expected to be exploring a site like this. Maybe you don't think you have what it takes to become a Trooper. We think you do.

Surprise yourself. Keep reading. All our Troopers were, and are, regular people just like you. They didn't necessarily come in with the knowledge or skills needed to be a Trooper. They learned them.

Now they find themselves with a rewarding career many of them never anticipated. A career that lets them help people every day. With an organization that is welcoming, inclusive, and provides them with a lot of different opportunities. And a flexibility and freedom that are hard to find in any other career.

We hope you stick around, dig deeper into this site, and discover something about the Washington State Patrol—and maybe something about yourself while you're at it. Who knows? You may have just found the career you've been looking for.

Service With Humility

It's more than just a motto. Our Troopers have a desire to serve—to do good for the people in their communities. They've learned that the Washington State Patrol offers them the unique opportunity to find fulfillment serving others while enriching their lives and advancing their careers.

As a member of the WSP family, you'll have the opportunities and the support to become the best you can be.

Becoming a Trooper can also be your first step toward building a career in one of many different areas. In the Washington State Patrol, you'll have the chance to explore various options in which you can create the professional life you want and a career that is uniquely yours.

Take control of your own destiny. Find out how the Washington State Patrol can support you every step of the way.

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The benefits of being a Trooper go way beyond the paycheck. Want to start a family? Our medical, dental, and vision package has you, your significant other, and any little future troopers covered with one of the most comprehensive, low-cost health plans available anywhere.

Want to complete your college degree or maybe go for an MBA? We'll pay for it and give you the flexibility to achieve it.

How does retiring before 60 while still collecting 75% of your paycheck sound? Quite simply, you just don't see retirement plans like ours anymore. The perks of working here continue long after you're no longer working here.

In short, it pays to be a Washington State Patrol Trooper. And it continues to pay, much longer and much more than most people realize.

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Get To Know Us

Interested in becoming a part of our story? We’ll make it easy for you to get to know us, and there’s never any pressure.

For starters, why not follow us on Facebook and Twitter—great places to see what’s happening in the WSP.

There's also a Washington State Patrol recruiter in your area who'd be happy to talk with you, answer questions, or assist you in any way they can. They remember what it’s like to go through this process, and they’d be happy to share their own stories with you.

Our recruiters can introduce you to some of our other Troopers as well. Ask them about scheduling a ride-along—a great experience that will give you an inside perspective of what it's like to wear the Washington State Patrol blue. Give us a call and say hi. We'll take it from there.

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Real Trooper Stories

"I knew I had made a difference in someone’s life, and it was awesome."


"Knowing I can help people in their worst times – that’s an amazing feeling."


"I want to serve the public, I want to make people’s lives better."


"She looked at me with tears in her eyes and she thanked me."


"You never know what might happen. There’s nothing routine about being a Trooper."


"I’m a Trooper because I want to help people and make a difference."


"I could see the look of relief on her face, that’s all I could ask for."