Financial Stability

We take care of our troopers, and a big part of that is with long-term financial stability. You’ll have regular raises and advancement on our structured career path—no guessing games or negotiation needed.

For starters, you'll get paid as you train at the academy. Our cadets earn $4,500 a month.

As a Trooper, you'll start at $65,196 a year. With scheduled pay raises based on tenure, you will be earning $84,792 per year after five years. And there is additional pay for overtime, education, geographic location, and much more.

Add a pension program that pays 2% of your salary for every year of service—up to 50% of your salary after 25 years and up to 75% after 37 years—and your financial stability could be set for life.

More Than A Paycheck

Of course, it isn't all about money. Because this is much more than just a job. On the Washington State Patrol, you'll have the fulfillment of serving your community and making our state a better place to live.

So, what kind of benefits come with a career that benefits your life and your community?

Continuing Education

As a Trooper, you’ll get a lot of training and you’ll get paid while you’re getting it—that’s a lot of getting! Some training is automatic, like firearms, first aid, CPR, and high-speed driving techniques. Other training is elective based on what interests you.

But the educational opportunities don’t stop there. As a WSP employee, you can attend any state college or university in Washington, and we'll pay for that too. There is even an additional pay incentive for completing a degree: a 2% pay raise for an associates degree, and 4% for a bachelor’s degree. Interested in pursuing a graduate degree? Talk to us and learn how the WSP can pay for you to earn your MBA, law degree, or even a PhD.

Health Insurance

This ought to make you feel good. The WSP offers more choices in customizable health care than almost any other employer in the state. Our subsidized medical, dental, and vision programs can be tailored to fit your changing needs from year to year.

Want to keep the same doctor you have now? We have options under our Uniform Medical program that cover any doctor or healthcare provider in Washington. You’ll have plenty of choices and you’ll never be stuck with one uniform plan. You control the deductible levels and the options you want. The point is, your life circumstances can change from year to year. Your health plan can evolve to accommodate those changes as well.

Retirement Plan

Working for the Washington State Patrol is a career path that pays—and continues to pay, even after you retire. Because when you meet the retirement plan requirements, you are guaranteed a monthly benefit for the rest of your life.

After five years of consecutive service, you become vested in the WSP retirement program. The benefit amount is based on an average of the five highest paid years of service. In addition, the WSP provides a cost-of-living adjustment increase every year following your first full year of retirement. The WSP offers many different options to ensure that you have the plan that meets your specific needs. Talk with a recruiter about the options that may be best for you.